The Sprightly Tailor




I was sitting in my house just one hour before the show, thinking of all the rehearsals, most of them went rather well. I was mainly thinking about the dress rehearsal and what Mrs Matthews said to everyone earlier on.


An hour had past and I was sitting in the church hall ready for the first scene “The Pub” which went very well. I was now backstage waiting for my next scene, then I realized my bonnet was missing I searched for it but could not find it.


After what felt like hours it was “The Market Scene”. This was my second favourite of nine scenes, in “The Market Scene” the chief servant (Andrea) came to the market looking for a tailor to make some clothes for the Laird (Lara).

I watched the next scene until I was on. This was one of the funniest scenes. The best part was when Conor put on the wolf fur jacket. There is a really funny photo of me holding up the poster that I show, it is in the Library if you would like to see it.

My favourite scene was the “Graveyard” this was one of the scariest but funniest scenes. I really enjoyed making the monster for this scene and it turned out great. I would just like to say a final thank you to Cheryl and Fiona who made this all possible.