Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel


Waiting at the door everyone could not wait for the bus any longer, luckily it arrived so we all rushed out the door and towards the bus. St. Luke’s were already on the bus, we all sat down and the bus moved off.

After about twenty minutes we arrived at Rosslyn Chapel. We had to stand in the cold while a lady gave us our quiz booklets and then we entered. There was a group of children dressed in Knight’s costumes and we all followed them. In the Chapel there were more children dressed in different costumes representing the Saint-Clair family. These people were acting out who, when and why the Chapel was built.

After the performance we separated in to our groups for the quiz, I was in the Hearts. The quiz was hard at points especially when we had to count how many animals were on the window. My favourite part was when we saw an actual bullet that was fired in to the walls by Oliver Cromwell’s army.

I really enjoyed myself and would like to go again.

Josh p7