The New Archbishop

“Bring Bring! Bring Bring!” My alarm went off. I started getting ready for the Ordination ceremony of the Archbishop. My Mum was worrying the most, I’m not very sure why because I was the one that had to be there. When we were all ready we started the car and off we went.

As we stopped at the meeting point I saw Mrs Young standing with Jack and his family waiting for me. It was going to be a long day I thought, and I guess Jack was thinking the same. There was a huge queue at the door of the cathedral even when we were inside. As Mrs Young, Jack and I all entered the cathedral we were astounded by how large and impressive the building was. It looked amazing, there were so many patterns, paintings, statues, seats and of course, people.

Everybody sat down and the ceremony begun. There were books on the seats that told us what to say and what everybody else was saying. As it started it was actually quite fun until about halfway through when it began to get rather boring! Jack and I found a particular section funny, when we were praying for all the saints, everyone spoke at one time. We were about three quarters through now and it was all going well for our new Archbishop! Everybody started clapping and it lasted for about forty five seconds, my poor hands.

The end was in sight and the final act for the school pupils was a guard of honour. We managed to see all the priests and even Canon Hugh! Once we were all outside we had a few photos with the new Archbishop. After everyone was gone Mrs Young took Jack and I to our families and I managed to convince my Dad to buy me a Gregg’s sausage roll!