Miss Chidgey’s Performance

We are all very proud to have heard that our vey own headteacher (with a very big, well hidden talent!) has been given the leading role in the King’s Theatre production of “The Wizard of Oz”! I recently conducted an interview to find out more and here are the key facts.


What character have you been given?



Have you ever been in a production before?

Yes, I have been in Oliver and Oklahoma.


Are you nervous about having the leading role?

A little bit.


Do you think you will get stage fright?

Probably not but I have had butterflies before.


How long have you been an actress?

Since I was 7.


What do you feel are your strenghts?

I feel that singing is certainly one.


What is your favourite part of being in theatre?

The Performance.


Who has supported you the most so far?

My Mum


If you could, would you be a full time actress?

Most likely but I would definitely miss teaching!


We all wish Miss Chidgey the best of luck while she’s performing. We are all very proud of you!