Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing Resources:

Healthy Food Choices:

This is a great website for healthy, child friendly recipes if you are looking for something to cook with your child.  Obviously we have very limited resources to cook with your children at school so any opportunities they can have whilst at home would be great!  Don’t forget about all the real life maths skills they will be developing by weighing, measuring and counting whilst they do it too.


Whilst we understand the recommendations and advice from professionals is to remain isolated and avoid any unnecessary social interactions, the power of the outdoors cannot be ignored at a time like this.  Whilst we do not want to recommend against the national guidelines, we would encourage you were appropriate to get out and about in the fresh air – walking, running, cycling, even playing in the garden, cannot be overlooked as a source to promote positive physical, mental and emotional health.

Should you wish to encourage your child to actively participate in structured physical activities, the below resources are good to do this.  They are also very family friendly so everyone stuck indoors with you can join in!


Joe Wicks Kids Workouts


GoNoodle for Families (some classes do this in the classroom and the children absolutely LOVE it!  We choose a champion and for each workout/dance done they are given a point.  For every 10 points their champion grows and changes before becoming a GoNoodle Graduate.  Minutes are added up too so you can all see what you’ve achieved together.)