Literacy P3-5

Click the “LINES” tab at the bottom until you have 4 lines – 2 red (one top and bottom) and 2 black (in between the red lines)
Show your parents how awesome this website is!  Practise writing something, and then press “PLAY”.  Practise any joins you remember or your name – remembering the difference in size between capitals and lower case letters etc.
Sumdog Spelling Words Set – Log in to Sumdog and choose Spelling from Task tab.  Last week and this weeks words are set up to practise through games (ALL GAMES ARE FREE whilst the schools are closed – thanks Sumdog!)
Listening and Talking:
Listen to the story The Lion and The Mouse
Think about how the mouse kept his promise to help the lion.
Write about a time when you helped someone – you can also draw a picture to match your writing
Please choose a book or continue to read to add books to your First Minister’s Reading Challenge.  I will still give out stickers as soon as I work out how to do so!