Hi P5-7,


I hope that your first couple of days of home learning have gone well, and I hope you’re remembering to wash your hands regularly! I am currently planning a range of learning activities for you to do at home over the next few weeks.


Remember that it is important during this period to try to stay active. It is a bit more challenging when you’re not supposed to leave your house, but it’s not impossible. You might need to get creative! In your home learning pack I included an exercise diary to help you to keep track of your physical activity. You should be aiming for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Some ways you could stay active are:


  • Doing a Joe Wicks workout on YouTube
  • Skipping
  • Dancing to music (This will be the only time I allow Fortnite dancing to be part of your learning)
  • Keepy uppies (in the garden if you have one, not in the house)


Try to see how many different ways you can think of.


As well as the tasks that I set you, try to learn a new skill. I’ll be using some of my time to learn Danish, to help me to communicate better with my fiance’s family. Maybe you’d like to learn a new language as well, or maybe you’d like to learn how to cook or bake. The choice is yours!


I know you’ll all be itching to get back to doing some regular maths work, and over the next few weeks you’ll be set specific tasks. In the meantime, try to keep your mathematical brains working by playing some games on the following websites:



Try to pick games that will help you to improve in an area of maths that you have found tricky this year.


Remember – stay safe, stay healthy and stay active!


Speak to you soon,


Mr Clark