P7 Camp-Dalguise

I went to camp at Dalguise for a week starting on the 3rd of May until the 6th of May. I went with the Primary 7s from Rosewell Primary and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought that everything about it was fantastic and I would definitely go again if I could. The food was excellent, the activities were fun and I got to meet lots of new people. My favourite part was canoeing and the giant swing. I would definitely recommend it and I would rate it very highly.

By Callum

P4-7 Swimming Lessons

P4-7s go to swimming lessons on a Friday. We have been learning to do back stroke and front crawl. We are going to start learning about the breast stroke. We finish on the second last week of term. We normally have around about 40 minutes in the pool and we are joined by Rosewell Primary P4-5.

By Daniel- P5

P6-7 Maths Challenge WINNERS!

On the 10th of May 2016 the Primary 6’s and 7 went to the Maths Challenge at St. David’s High School. We did challenges involving teamwork, addition and problem solving. We also made an interactive poster explaining rounding and estimation. In the end we came in 1st place overall with 183 points. Our poster was rated 3rd by the judges out of around 12 schools.

By Callum                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

French Assembly

The Primary 1 to 7s have been practising hard for their French assembly on the 2nd of June. The P1-3s are retelling the story of “The Little Red Hen” in French. The P4-7s are doing “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” using shadow puppets.

JRSO Competition(s)

The JRSOs have launched two new competitions for their crossing the road safely campaign. There is one for the P4/5s and one for the P1-3s.

The P4/5s have been challenged to create a poster explaining the green cross code-stop, look, listen and think. We asked for it to be A4 and to have symbols.

The P1-3s have been given a worksheet to fill in regarding where it’s safe to cross and where it is not.

There are prizes and a certificate for the winner in each competition.

Miss Chidgey’s Performance

We are all very proud to have heard that our vey own headteacher (with a very big, well hidden talent!) has been given the leading role in the King’s Theatre production of “The Wizard of Oz”! I recently conducted an interview to find out more and here are the key facts.


What character have you been given?



Have you ever been in a production before?

Yes, I have been in Oliver and Oklahoma.


Are you nervous about having the leading role?

A little bit.


Do you think you will get stage fright?

Probably not but I have had butterflies before.


How long have you been an actress?

Since I was 7.


What do you feel are your strenghts?

I feel that singing is certainly one.


What is your favourite part of being in theatre?

The Performance.


Who has supported you the most so far?

My Mum


If you could, would you be a full time actress?

Most likely but I would definitely miss teaching!


We all wish Miss Chidgey the best of luck while she’s performing. We are all very proud of you!


On Wednesday 21st of October, the Primary 4-7’s launched their Skiing programme at Hillend Ski Sports Centre. Some of the children were excited (and nervous) to be going or the first time as beginners. The few who had already been skiing were coming down from the elbow, learning about parallel turns. They are eagerly looking forward to going back again!!


The Primary 1-7’s all enjoyed their brain workshop, learning through the Science Ceilidh with Edinburgh University student, Lewis. Lewis was teaching the children about sound, how the brain works. He even showed the children his MRI scan and a 3D model of his brain. The children were fascinated by the way that a “slinky”, a toy they thought was only used for jumping down stairs, can actually be made to sound like lasers using just a polystyrene or plastic cup!


The pupil groups for this year have been launched! The Eco Committee, Pupil Council and JRSO’s are all eager to fill up their wall located in the cloakrooms at the front of the school. Here is who is in what group-

Pupil Council- To Be Confirmed

JRSO- Sarah (P6), Richard (P6), Callum (P7)

Eco Committee- Robbie (P4), Martha (P5)